Facebook for Quilt Shops Q&A Follow Up

From Class #1

1. Can You Explain Tagging Again?

Answer: Facebook allows you to tag people and groups in pictures as well as in text/posts. Tag a business page in a comment by using their "@username" ... for us it is @jfieldsmarketing. Facebook will then "tag" or link that post to our page for people to easily connect and find our page from that post.

2. How do I add an email signup tab to my Facebook Business Page?

Answer: You do this through your email marketing platform if it intergrates with Facebook. We use Mailchimp, you would set that up in account>integration>facebook.


3. Can you message customers from your business page or do they have to initiate contact?

Answer: No, You can only message customers who have messaged you first. If you had a customer write on your Business Page and you would like to message them you can write them a note from your personal page by clicking on their name, Facebook will prompt you to switch to your personal profile, THEN you could message someone - but we reccomend responding with a comment and asking them to message you rather than using your personal page to contact someone.

4. Can I add a virtual tour to my Facebook page? How?

Answer: Yes you can - however, virtual tours require a specific type of video and you would first need to hire someone to make that video. Then you could add a virtual tour app to your facebook tabs.