Writing Great E-mail Subject Lines

Marketing Profs is one of those informational blogs I'm beginning to pay more attention to.  Not that there aren't dozens of decent marketing blogs and sites out there, but I particularly like Marketing Profs for the variety of ways they consistently feed information on best marketing practices for small business owners. And their  approach has a common sense orientation that is appealing to my small business clients who just want....well,  easy. A recent webinar on how to write a kick-butt e-mail news subject line bears mentioning. The point is you want to write a subject line that ensures your e-mail will get opened.  After all, that's where action (aka: sales) take place.  I'm repeating a portion of it here with credit to Marketing Profs.  Check them out.  I've elaborated on their bullet points but the four points say it well enough, in my opinion.

  • Focus your message - answering the question "Why should I care?"
  • Brainstorm with clarity - consider all the angles and perspectives.
  • Use the subject line space well - keeping it short and simple is always better.
  • Splice your message for readability - well placed colons, dashes and slashes help the reader out.

It's not as easy as it looks. But  when you work at it, you'll  get better.  Trust me. I'm working on it too.