Worth Watching

Growing a small business means constantly reassessing what you’re doing to serve your customers and prospective clients. One easy way to do that is to share what I’m learning about the best practices of marketers on and off the web, operating on the principle of being helpful.  So today, I’m introducing a new feature on my blog, Worth Watching.  Once a month or more, I’ll post a video with marketing content I think is helpful to small business owners. It's right there on the top right of the page.

First up - Matt Cutts, a Google whiz kid who is about as approachable as computer geeks come.  Matt knows his stuff, and his videos are full of helpful information on how to make the most of your web-based marketing.  They’re short, easy to understand and …well, take a look.

You can give away what you know on your blog or website in the form of tips, articles and shared content, too. Sharing knowledge and connections is a powerful way to gain loyalty from current customers and helps to develop interest in prospects.