Website Workarounds

6 Things to Try First When Your Website Glitches

Technology is the friend, and sometimes the enemy, of today’s busy business owner.

When an unexpected website error occurs which keeps you from accessing a site, adding content or photos to your own website, or working in a site you need to access to complete a task, the result is often a whole lot of wasted time and frustration. If you can relate, then read on.

Before you contact an IT or web development pro, there are a few ways to quickly assess and fix the issue at hand so you can be up and running back to the work you need to get done.

This list of 'Try This First’ ideas provide a simple, first line of defense for how to fix website viewing glitches (#2 is almost always a good one to try) and is designed for the non-tech professional (most of us) who relies on their computer for work (and who doesn’t?)

1. Refresh the page–the simplest and easiest way to clear a page error, and more powerful than you might think. Here’s an article to explain how to do it.

2. Reboot– try turning your computer off, and then turn it back on. The easiest way is to hit the restart button.

3. Clear the cache -website memory simply needs to be cleared from time to time. It’s in your browser history but here are instructions for 9 different browsers just in case.

Website Work Arounds | Website Glitches

4. Update Web Browser – Most browsers are automatically updated today. Read here how to make sure you have the most up to date version of Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.

5. Reset the password All content managed websites have a password reset feature that get you into the back end of your website quickly, if you’re not able to log in. Sometimes it’s just easier to reset than try to find or recall your previously set password.

6. Google it - If all else fails, Google the question or problem. You are not the first person to experience this problem, and you are nearly certain to find information to solve your dilemma, or at least understand what the problem is better before you call the pros. Memorize and refer to this list of workarounds as a first line of defense when you have trouble with website viewing. You’ll refer to it again and again and save yourself tones of time and frustration. Trust me on this one.