Your Website Is the Front Door of Your Business

Is your website ready for buyers? Our friends Scott and Connie sold their house recently. The For Sale sign in their front yard reminded me of all the cleaning and organizational work they did to get ready for prospective buyers. Each room was reviewed, cleaned, and painted, all the closets were organized, and the counters were cleared of clutter.

Arguably, the most important task they did was painting the front door. Scott and Connie knew that a clean and shiny entrance way was sure to make a good first impression on potential buyers that could lead to a sale.

Change Content Regularly Getting ready for a presentation recently, I took a look at the front door of my business - my website. Knowing there would be a new group of viewers coming from the presentation promotions and event, I inventoried each section of my website, starting with the home page, looking for places to change out new content for old, fix links or add new customer information. Finally, I organized the portfolio section to ready the site for increased activity.

Like my friends, I want to make sure the front door of my business, JFields Marketing, is in a condition that appeals to prospective buyers, customers and, yes, web crawlers. Having a WordPress site, with content management makes it easy. If your website doesn't have CMS, talk to a marketer or web developer about what it will take to update your site.

Don't Wait to Update You don't have to wait for a special event to get the front door of your business ready for prospective buyers. Some of the changes I made were long overdue. (Even marketers struggle with discipline and consistency!)

Your website should be updated regularly and ready for web crawlers and real customers all the time.

Then again, if you have a chance to work on a new project, give a presentation, or attend a seminar - use those activities to compel you to take a good look at your website and make some changes sooner than later.

What does the front door of your business look like?