5 Video Types to Consider for Building Your Business and Your Brand

We’ve communicated a lot about the topic of producing video this year. Creating Facebook for Quilt Shops and Facebook for Small Business occupied a big space in our workflow, so it seems natural to share some of that journey. AS you can see, we're dabbling in Facebook LIVE too! More about that later.

Because we’ve been so active producing video content, it occurred to me that small business owners face the same kinds of challenges we faced when they consider creating video content.

Our challenge was to learn a new marketing skill we hadn’t previously executed before. The risk came in devoting hours and hours of time to learn something new and to put ourselves out there for potential criticism. Or worse, rejection.

In the end, the journey was challenging and risky and rewarding all at the same time. We’re still on the path, moving forward to do new things in this new “country” of online video classes.

To say that video marketing is exploding is an understatement. While commonly used by millions of businesses for more than a decade, the barriers to entry in creating video for business marketing are getting lower every day. That doesn’t mean everyone can create great videos. Actually, the low bar just highlights the fact that the pros do a MUCH better job than Jane or Joe Business owner. Yet, the low barrier provides a way for everyone to be engaged and be involved. And you need to be involved.  

Every business should be thinking like a media company today, producing content about their business via blogs, podcasts, video, e-books, infographics, white papers, slide shows and more. The internet provides the platform, offering up the tools where EVERY BUSINESS can distribute their content for free (and sometimes paid).

The more content you create, in as many ways as you can, the more opportunity there will be for EVERYONE to find you.  With video, there are many ways to create content by all kinds of people with many skill levels.

Here are options currently available to the business owner who wants to create video, and a handy reference chart you can download to help guide your choices:

  1. Social media video - Snapchat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories are three different short form video styles designed to tell stories, and connect with followers on a regular basis. Each has its own unique user base, so choose the platform where your audience is engaging most often. Free to use, with embedded editing tools, social media video is super popular due to their easy accessibility for both creator and consumer.
  2. Loom - is a bit like Instagram Stories but with a serious twist. Introduced by Google Chrome to replace long, content laden emails with a real person talking to you, Loom fills the gap when a quick, instructional video is needed to share information.  Loom is easy to install, easy to record, and limits video length to 10 minutes.
  3. Webcam - webcams are a great way to create a tutorial or teach a specific topic by recording a screen cast using your laptop computer. Most laptops are equipped with webcams and microphones, and come with built in recording software so you can get a quick start. When you’re ready to take the next step, video quality gets even better with aftermarket webcams, microphones and editing software. Though the learning curve is steeper here, the good news is there is an abundance of free and paid video recording software on the market.  And tons of video tutorials on how to use them!  
  4. Camcorder (personal digital camera)  – while most of us will stick with our smart phones for video recording and sharing , some may want to tackle the process with a digital video recorder. Quality (over the smart phone) and storage are two primary reasons to shoot video with a camcorder. Non-professionals motivated to learn how to use video editing software can create decent company and product videos, but the learning curve is fairly steep. Small and lightweight, GoPro is a great option for recording video when  on the go. The Go Pro app drives the whole process including sending video to your laptop for download.
  5. Professional video – When the time and budget are right, professional video is a valuable investment for any business, whether live action, scripted studio shoots, animated, a combination of all. Skilled shooting and editing done by an pro will make your business story stand out, establishing a video presence with your company story, testimonials, instruction or unique brand entertainment.

Wondering whether the investment of time and/or money is worth it? Here’s an engaging animated video sharing some of the latest statistics on video marketing:


Video marketing strengthens the value proposition for all of these investments, and boosts your company to the world you want to reach.

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