It's About You! The Universal Laws of Networking

Networking is a word full of hidden meaning - most of them negative.  A typical image of networking brings to mind a glad-handing sales type, stuffing business cards into the hands of ...well, everyone. To the contrary, networking when done well is the one of the best ways to grow small business. Ideally, every small business owner or entrepreneur should be networking every chance she gets. Terry Bean, author of  The Universal Guide To Business Networking agrees and is so confident that he wrote a book about.

"It's about you, it's about me and it's about our businesses - in that order", says Terry Bean in The Universal Laws.  Networking, at its core, should be other focused. And all networking is relationship building.  When presented from that perspective, the pressure is off because you don't have to feel your needs will only be met if you leave with a lead or sale.  You get to be the good guy- all the time!

The Universal Laws of Business Networking is full of great tips for better ways to extend your business contacts and how to navigate on-line networking too. Benefits of networking include  increasing your business acumen, developing a ready board of advisors, and gaining a better understanding of local happenings.

This book is worth the read.  You might find yourself headed out the door to that next networking event sooner rather than later.