Three Ways to Collaborate

I recently spoke with a colleague I assumed knew about Google docs , a great collaborative tool that makes it easy for people to share files and track changes on-line.  After all, I thought, Google conquered the world with its ever-growing set of internet based tools and products. But I was wrong. Then last week, I was surprised to learn a web developer friend didn’t know about Skype screen sharing, a collaboration service offered by the company most well known for giving the world free internet calling.

In yet another conversation, a colleague introduced me DropBox, a new way to share files from desktop to desktop without using e-mail.   I’d never heard of it, but now it is downloaded to my desktop and is a much used tool that has saved me tons of time and frustration.

These examples point out that we still need each other in real time, voice to voice interactions to share new information as we help each other work and live better.  As long as we're talking, there will be ways to stay on top of what’s new in the world of interactive collaboration and communication. So, it goes both ways.

If you share documents, web pages or files with people you work or live with – and who doesn’t from time to time? – check out these free tools to make on-line life easier. And then call a friend to tell them about it.