The Trust Factor

Marketing in 2010 is a new and tricky business. The rules on how to market are changing at breakneck pace. We no longer push marketing messages out to the consuming public, hoping they will buy. Gone are the days of convincing people to plunk down their cash for our products and services. We have to pull customersĀ  so they will choose us when they are ready to buy. That only happens for three reasons, in this order: they know us, they care about us and they want to do business with us. Building that trust factor is huge.

Which means your business presence has to be present, available and believable.

  • Are you present?
  • Are you represented in the market(s) most significance to your business?
  • Is your presence known and more importantly, trusted, by the buying public in your market?

Those questions are worth thinking about given the new paradigm we're all subject to. The answers, or lack of answers, will help to drive you in the right direction to compete in today's market.