The Sky's the Limit

I'm not a huge fan of Subway sub sandwiches. They're just OK in my culinary book. (In the interest of full disclosure, I'll take a bag of greasy McDonalds' french fries over a healthy sub any day.) But don't listen to me. According to Advertising Age, Subway will soon surpass McDonalds as the most prolific fast food purveyor in the world. By end of year, Subway outlets will outnumber McDonald's in worldwide locations with over 32,000 shops.Who would have thought anyone, let alone a sandwich with processed American cheese and shredded iceburg, would overtake the king of french fries for #1 spot in the bellies of the world? Then again, we're talking about fast food replacing fast food.

On another front, in a truly tall marketing coup, Subway has landed the contract to build a skytop restaurant for thousands of steel workers high atop the soon to be tallest office building in the US - Freedom Tower. Subway at the top of the work site, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, will keep workers from wasting valuable work time riding up and down three elevators to get to ground floor services.

This is a company thinking and acting out of the box, literally. Subway welded together 36 shipping containers and painted them yellow to create the new restaurant. Lifted atop the structure with a crane, Freedom Tower Subway will rise with the structure and provide countless meals in the process. Both Subway workers and steel workers believe they are a part of something historic. Subway has gone right to the heart of tribe building by creating an experience for workers every time they unwrap a sandwich.