The Power of Story

I met a potential new client yesterday. A retired guy with a little time and a little money on his hands. ( Actually, I think he has a lot of time and a lot of money.) He has an idea for a new product he wants to have manufactured and marketed on the web. As he talked about his idea, a legacy chest for passing on family mementos and stories, I was struck by the power of story. This man is motivated to take significant entrepreneurial risk to pass on the stories of his family to coming generations. Not only his family, but thousands of families, if the business idea flies. As a marketer, my key focus is to help business owners find the story inside their business and to tell it well. Every business needs a story about why they exist, what they hope to gain, and most importantly what they want to give. My potential client told a story about traveling to Italy to connect with his roots, and the deep emotions he felt in seeing and touching photos and documents directly tied to his ancestors. He returned to the the US with a passion to help others find and transfer their family roots. I had goosebumps just listening to him talk about it. That's what you want to capture in your story. When you do, your customers and potential customers will connect with you. Connecting like that benefits long after the sale.

So here's the take away: If you don't have a story, take time to think about the roots of your business. Just like a human birth, every business has a beginning, and multiple chapters filled with people, events and movement through time that tell an important story. Get yours down on paper or screen and make it a part of your marketing efforts. In our technologically sophisticated world, creating meaningful ties to your customers through storytelling is one of the best things you can do.