The Big 3: Website Directories Where You Need to Be

Do you know about the Big Three? No, not General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. I'm talking about three important online website directories that every website should be listed in to help with their search engine rankings. Any business with local targets – and that’s most of us – has to find ways to direct customers to their website. Getting listed in local and national directories is one easy way to help yourself out.

Google Places for Business, Bing Business Portal and Yahoo Local Listings are the three primary search engine directories that give submitted business URL’s the thumbs up just by applying and verifying their business. Google is arguable the most important, since it controls 70%+ of the search market. But Bing, , and Yahoo, both owned by Microsoft, are making their way up the ranks of online prominence. And, as the saying goes, ever little bit helps.

Essentially, it’s like getting a seal of approval from companies that are most involved in the ranking of websites.

To get listed, just go to each site, complete information about your business, hit submit and then follow through with a phone or mail-in verification process. Usually a simple phone call verifying your existence and legitimate phone number. And that’s all there is to it.

Just because I’ve told you about the Big Three, don’t stop there. There are other directories worth checking out. One easy place to get a nice SEO boost list your company is LinkedIN company page , especially if you are a B2B. This article by Hubspot lists 50 directories you can check out to see

But if you do nothing else, then submit at least to these big three.