TED:Work-Life Balance

I love TED.  TED  is Technology Entertainment Design,  a small non-profit enterprise dedicated to Ideas Worth Spreading.  Started in 1984 as a conference to bring advanced thinkers together in the fields of technology, entertainment and design, TED has evolved into an internet phenomenon with TEDtalks, video representations of 18 minute or less talks given by TED featured presenters. I have watched about a dozen TEDtalks and most of them are fascinating - brainy PBS with no commercials or sponsors. Thought provoking and stimulating , TEDtalks are candy for the mind, and soul,  in some cases. Each video is less  than 20 minutes long,  ideal for taking a break from...well....anything.

Work-Life Balance - see video upper right -  is the first of  many TEDtalks videos I hope to present on this blog. Nigel Marsh, author of "Fat, Forty and Fired" and "Overworked and Underpaid", lays out his Work-Life Balance premise in just 8 minutes: that each of us needs to take charge of our choices and seriously consider what a life well-lived really means.

Marsh's observations about how to achieve work-life balance fall into four categories -  honest debate, setting boundaries, realistic time frames and achieving balance without simply adding more activities.

When describing a recent day spent with his young son, Marsh creates a memorable word picture of the value he espouses -  Small Things Matter.  Seek balance in what is right in front of you and the route to a life well-lived comes naturally. Definitely a common sense idea worth spreading.

(An unfortunate  five minute commercial for Rolex watches follows Marsh's talk, discrediting  in part or in whole the thesis of this video. Someone wasn't thinking here.)