Selling Naturally: A Paradigm Shift

Selling Naturally: A paradigm shift

Do you avoid selling? I mean, does the idea of going out to talk about your products and services give you pause to…..well….pause?

It seems by now we shouldn't be hampered by the old stereotype that all sales is about snake oil hucksters and glad handing scheisters. We're smarter and more sophisticated than that, right?

Fear of Rejection Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to find that many small business owners are still afraid to be chief of sales for their products and services. “I know, I know," says one solo-preneur. "I should be selling more, it just makes me so uncomfortable.” As a small business marketer in Central New York, I hear that all too often.

Rooted in a fear of rejection, selling is uncomfortable because the potential for a figurative door slam makes you feel vulnerable.  But succumbing to those feelings is a mistake if you own your own business. It’s time to rewrite the tapes in your head so you're not constantly telling yourself that selling is annoying or deceptive. That isjust not true when you love what you do.

Selling Naturally

Sharing is Selling If you love your business, your products or the service you provide, selling should be the most natural conversation you have every day. Sharing the story of your business, explaining what you love about your work,  and why you’re passionate about it is at the core of all good selling efforts. Start there and the rest will follow. (Of course, there’s more but that’s for another blog post.) Get intentional about getting in front of people, then position yourself to share your passion naturally. It will take a bit of practice, but I encourage you to take that first step - it's always the hardest one. You’ll soon be on your way toward changing your paradigm about sales.

For more ideas on how to improve your selling acumen, read Kim DeYoung's 3Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Selling. And remember, change that sticks is a process.