Are you a local small business owner struggling to make financial and time management sense of on-line marketing and social media? Do you wonder how to drive traffic from your website to your brick and mortar store?

The beauty of the ever-evolving nature of web marketing is your answer is right around the corner. The latest in marketing is O2O, or on-line to off-line marketing, the booming business of directing on-line traffic to off-line locations through e-mail marketing sites such as Groupon.

Groupon, the frontrunner of this movement, is less than two years old and currently funded at just over $1 billion. Groupon leads a field of lesser known but equally viable O2O platforms like Restaurant.com, SpaFinder, Open Table and others.

Businesses drive foot traffic to their stores by sending enticing first time buyer or percent off coupons directly to permission based e-mail lists. Buyers take advantage of a deal or special by downloading a coupon, purchasing one time at a deeply discounted rate, then taking that coupon to the store to buy.

Whether you sign up for an on-line system like Groupon, or just send an offer to your current list of e-mail contacts, you immediately have a way to track how those buyers came to your store. HavingĀ  the ability to measure on-line activity with bottom line buying patterns in your stores, is an enticing and exciting development in the world of interactive marketing. Read more about the pros and cons of using on-line to off-line marketing integration in this article from Duct Tape Marketing.

The world of interactive marketing will continue to shift, change, improve, and innovate, and there will always be room for growth and improvement, but you would do well to consider the power of O2O marketing.