Gaining Mind Share from Your Clients

 Mind Share

Mind Share

When was the last time you ‘Googled’ something? Or grabbed a ‘Kleenex’ to blow your nose? Or put a ‘Bandaid’ on your cut finger or toe?

Each of those brands has established mind share in their respective categories -  search engines, tissues, and adhesive strips. Each product has developed so much ‘stickiness’ or consumer popularity that the product is most often referred to as the brand and not the product.

Every business owner dreams of achieving that level of brand success.

While attaining mind share is a key objective of all advertising and promotion, the fact is that building a brand of that caliber is a long, long journey with many competitive bumps in the road.

Most businesses don't reach mind share, yet there’s no reason not to work at becoming more ‘memorable’ in the minds of your customers with these creative marketing ideas. Every step taken can help your products or services stand out in the crowd, helping you capture even just a small piece of your customers' mind share.

1. Stay Top of Mind - Competition for attention of any kind is at an all time high. Information flows frenetically in front of the consumers faces 18-20 hours every day.  Circumvent the deluge of data and stay in front of your customers by sending a email once or twice a month. Email marketing, when done right (short, visual, informative, helpful), is an easy and cost effective tool for keeping your customers close.

2. Wow Them. Offer your customers an unexpected touch. Write a hand written note. Under promise and over deliver by adding bonus service at the end of a project. Offer a product or service for free. Given judiciously and to a best customer, a freebie will leave a lasting impression that money can't buy. Alternatively, send a gift card earned with credit card points, and tell them why you're sending it. As long as they’re shaking their heads with a smile, you’ve done your job.

3. Say more with less. The advertising world has changed, my friend. No longer do well written essays and long form narratives make the sale. Especially on your website. You’ll impress people quicker and be remembered longer with fewer words. Adapt content so viewers can scan for information to learn about you and your products.

4. Be community minded and other oriented.  Supporting charitable causes is a 21st century marketing paradigm that matters. Get involved where you can, share your passion and make a difference. Let customers know what you care about and give them a chance to join in. Show interest in their charitable causes, offering support on your clients’ behalf.

5. Be responsive. Be really responsive. Answer emails within 24 hours when you can. Staff your Facebook or Twitter page with a dedicated customer service person so customers know you are listening. Find ways to solve problems before you’re asked. Stay flexible to meet needs in the moment. Adapting to needs of others shows interest beyond company needs.

Capturing mind share, at any level,  is a multi-faceted, ongoing effort that is all about building loyalty with your customers. Each step of the process is rooted in creating a positive impression that solidifies your brand in the hearts and minds of your customers.