Life Happens

Ever fall off the wagon?  You know, the social media wagon? Where your tweets, posts, comments, updates, and trackbacks come to a screeching halt for one reason or another? Well, that happened to me. This blog post could have easily been titled Walking the Talk, Losing Momentum, Hypocrisy,  or Social Media Sink Holes: How a well-intentioned marketer got off track and ignored social media in the summer of 2011.

In my small business, JFields Marketing, I talk to clients all the time about getting a social media strategy in place, creating topics and a schedule for making posts, and developing the discipline to access SM to build community and promote business.  And here I was, ignoring it all.  Pathetic.

On the excuse side, my reason for letting go is mostly legit.   My oldest son Nate got married June 11.  (see the happy couple here ) In all the preparations and nuptial hoo-ha, I had to shift priorities.  SM fell off my radar. Lame.

But hey, life happens. And I‘m glad it does. Shifting priorities now and then for good reasons is a good thing.  Once in a lifetime events – a sons’ wedding, your own wedding, a birth, death or any important event surrounding the people you know and love are a good reason to take a step back from the noise and make real people in established relationships your priority.

Life Happens.  We move on as it does, and re-shift priorities as life allows. The beauty of social media communities is that they are there, just waiting to be re-engaged when priorities re-shift, as they should and must.

So, here goes. I’m back in the wagon. My work is cut out for me. I’ve essentially disappeared from the radar of my followers and now I need to reengage and get the word out that I’m back, ready to tame the world of small business marketing.  Or something like that.

If you’ve slipped a little lately with your blog posting, haven’t made a LinkedIN update in more than a month, or even if you just need a little inspiration to get back to Facebook, I hope you will join me in the wagon.  There’s plenty of room.