Is Your Website A Magnet?

Is your website a magnet, pulling visitors in with best practice components that make it search engine and user friendly?


Though the finer points and priority can be argued,  interactive experts generally agree what a website should have to draw more unique visitors that translate into customers.

1. Keep your website fresh with new content. 2. Maintain best practices for search engine optimization. 3.Provide easy linking to social media activity. 4. Include obvious and duplicate avenues for your visitors to contact you.

Is Your Website a Magnet? Inventory will help you gauge  how well your website is set up to to build an on-line presence for you and your business.  Each quick section gives insights into next steps for growing that presence by making search engine and visitor friendly changes that will empower your website to work harder and smarter.

Presented for  WomenTIES in Albany, NY, last month, the graphic to the left visually depicts these components.

It's a  quick  and simple  review of the interactive power of your website. You may find a few take-away ideas for changes to make that will boost your on-line visibility and the credibility of your website. If not, congratulations. You're doing well.  Keep up the good work!