Get it done. Get it right.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

1. Get it done people

2. Get it right people.

One is not better than the other.  Both are necessary. In work. In life.  In everything.

Companies need this balance. Whether you’re an entrepreneur,   a company of 150 or a corporation of 150,000, you need get it right people who painstakingly attend to detail so that your products and services shine above others. Always.  People who are wired to get it right. Even if it kills.

But getting it right can’t kill the company.  You also need get it done people to keep things moving. People wired for ‘good to go’.  People who know when it’s time to pull the trigger, make a decision and live or die by that decision.

As a small business owner, the trick is to know who you are.  Then the harder thing is to find others of the opposite persuasion to balance your style.  That may be employees, a consultant, an outside agency or an advisory board. Whoever you are, find people to balance your style.

Get it right AND get it done. Your company will thank you.