Fresh Eyes

The new year is a good time to consider the benefits of taking a ‘fresh eyes’ approach to growing business. Letting someone else in – friend, colleague or professional – to look at your business from an outside perspective is an activity worth doing at least once a year.

It’s easy to lose focus when steeped in the running of your business. And it’s just as easy to be too close to a problem, keeping you from envisioning solutions that an outsider sees rather quickly.

Whether a macro view -” How are we doing?” or a micro view  – “How do we solve a particular problem?”, fresh eyes can see what you can’t, offering new and helpful ideas that may not come to you naturally.

Here are a few reasons to consider the value that fresh eyes can bring to help you take steps toward change:

  1. Fresh eyes are free of influences that get in the way of change. In the best cases, fresh eyes are objective, seeing a product, program or problem for the first time, unencumbered by historical events, connections, outcomes, or paradigms.
  1. Fresh eyes get you out of your comfort zone by challenging actions or assumptions that may no longer be valid.
  1. Fresh eyes leverage the experience and ideas of people who aren’t walking in your shoes. Especially valuable are fresh eyes who understand the context of your situation but aren’t directly connected to your business.
  1. Fresh eyes challenge you to think outside the box, considering solutions that weren’t obvious because you’re too close to the business to see them.
  1. Fresh eyes can be especially helpful as you scale your business, offering a different perspective on what really matters as you grow.

When’s the last time you engaged a set of fresh eyes to look at your business, project or problem? Fresh eyes may be just what you need to move from point A to Point B and beyond.