Are You Engaged?

5 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement

Engagement is the bright, new shiny object in a long line of shiny objects that business owners need to be aware of as they seek to market in the digital age. Simply put, engagement refers to how well you draw attention that motivates action from your online marketing efforts.

It’s not enough to just get in front of your customers. Like the traditional salesman who had 10 seconds or less to get his prospects’ attention, you now have less time than that to get noticed and hold the interest of your online customers before they click away. 40% of them to never return.

Engagement can be measured by clicks, likes, comments, and shares. You know you’ve engaged a viewer when they do something with your content. A customer is engaged when they not only give you their attention but when they are motivated to share what has caught their interest.

So, just how do you engage customers? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Be Available – no matter who your customers are, you need to be ready to engage anytime and almost anywhere. That means showing up online in the places your customers frequent. Complete your profiles, monitor activity and be ready to respond on the platforms most frequented by your customer targets.
  1. Ask Questions – Everyone likes being asked what they think. So, ask questions to stimulate responses. Questions are a top engagement tool used by successful online marketers. Great question starters include: What is your favorite…? Would you choose A, B, or C? What are you doing to….? When is a good time to…? Are you this type of _______?
Golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers
  1. Visuals Research shows that people are consistently are drawn to visual content over text. Use images - it’s that simple. Especially real time images of real people in your business or life. (Hint: Video is even better.) Two great sites to help you create visuals with minimal graphic skills are Canva and picmonkey. Both sites guide you thru the editing process, adding fonts and other graphics to personalize photos with branding, quotes or engaging content.
  1. Quotes – Quotes are another key tool to drive online engagement. People gravitate toward inspiration, motivation and encouragement, especially when humor is used. Top resources for quotes are Pinterest,Forbes Top 100 Inspirational Quotes; Braineyquote.

5. Be other oriented More than anything, engaging customers online means being focused on them. Not on you. So, find out what means something to your audience by listening, observing and researching trends. Then post from their perspective, not yours. When your customers see that you’re thinking more about them than your brand or products, you’ll begin to get their attention. That is the first step to engagement.