How To: Be a Customer Service Rockstar on Facebook

We all know the importance of customer service in our businesses. We know that if customers aren't taken care of we might lose them or any referrals that may have come from them. With the advent and rise of social media, customer service takes on a new digital form, and it's important that businesses adjust to administer GREAT customer service through digital outlets.

Facebook's platform is not only very public (your business Facebook page might show up on a Google search before your website!), but it allows for many forms of communication surrounding your business, and it's easy to be swallowed up by all of them.

In this video we made for a client, we'll show you three main ways to be a customer service "rockstar" (isn't this a fun way to think about it?) on Facebook! These are all easy, and chances are you're doing the same things in your business, just not online! So, here are the three ways to serve your customers best through Facebook:

1) Messages: Think of these like they're phone calls or emails. Many people will message you on Facebook FIRST instead of email or calling - it's a little less personal and is typically more speedy than those other two forms of communication (because people assume you have your Facebook tab open all day!) This will function just like your personal inbox does on your Facebook profile (if you're familiar with that function). Be sure to actually respond - and quickly - FAcebook will show your response RATE (in a percentage) and response TIME (in minutes/hours). The goal is to be as close to a 100% response rate as possible, with a really low response time.

2) "About" Section: This is the section of your profile that acts as a business listing with hours, phone number, website, address, etc. Fill this out as completely as possible, because like we mentioned above, some people may never make it to your website but will end up on Facebook wondering where you're located! This is also a great place to share your business story to provide an even deeper connection to your customers.

3) Reviews: By now, we are all familiar with getting reviews on services like Yelp or Google. Facebook also has this functionality, and people use it! You are easily able to respond to all of the comments, so take the opportunity to do so. Respond to positive comments with gratitude, or to negative comments with a desire to problem-solve.

Using Facebook as a customer service tool can be an incredible resource and a new, fresh way to look at social media's presence in your business. Are you utilizing your Facebook page with creative content to serve your clients well? This month we are giving away a list of 20 content ideas for Facebook posts! Sign up for our email list below to get this resource, and have tips like this How To sent directly to your inbox!

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