Everyone who owns a business and a website is familiar with the staggeringly high climb to reach the top of search engine rankings (SERPs).

Since 2000, when Google first introduced its ‘search toolbar’ allowing internet users to scan, seek and find information, professionals, marketers and business owners have been dancing the Google dance to keep up.  

By ‘keep up’  I’m talking about how to get your website in front of the people you want to do business with.  To reach the elusive Page 1 location means you need to adapt, update,  and continuously heed algorithmic guidelines set out by Google and its cousins, Bing, Yahoo, ASK, aol, etc.

Internet search has replaced nearly every other mode of information gathering to become the default activity to answer who, what, when, where, why and how of nearly everything. Improving, or optimizing, your website to make it easier for all those people searching for all that information to find your products or services is called search engine optimization (SEO) .

The SEO process makes the internet experience better than it would be without it, nudging and sometimes cattle prodding website owners toward the goal of making websites easy to navigate, informational, engaging,  and helpful.

The good news for the average business owner is that Google offers an entire menu of easy tools to help you along the SEO journey. One of the best is Google My Business.

Google My Business lists and verifies your website in Google search listings, Google maps and Google+.  The easy to use, free interface helps customers looking for your business find you across Google properties.

The latest version of Google My Business has been updated and combines Google Search, Google maps, Google reviews and Google+ in a easy to access interface that shows business information, map location and high level performance analytics.

Here’s a snapshot of Google My Business features-  

1. Company information and branding appears across Google search, Maps and Google+ , and can be quickly edited or updated when needed

2. Show photos of people, places and products to further expand the company online footprint

3. Online reviews can be monitored and responded to. When one of your customers or clients publishes a Google review, it automatically shows up on your Google search page, getting the attention of potential customers before they even get to your website

4. Basic statistical information via Insights to show how users interact with your business information on Google.

Sign up is easy, and typical of Google, free. You can get started by logging into your gmail account and go here



Once company content and photos have been added, you’ll be prompted to Verify your listing either by mail or by phone. With this step, Google ensures that every website is legitimate and in business for good purposes.

Google My Business is just one small piece of the SEO pie. For the average business owner, needing to get a million things done in too little time, Google My Business is a small but important SEO device worth taking advantage of.