Blog Post Writing 101 (Again)

You’ve written your first blog post. Congratulations! (Maybe it's not your first, but any writing deserves kudos. So take credit.) Trouble is, it’s more of a 3rd person descriptive piece that would work well on a web page describing  your products or services. That can work for a blog.

However, blog reach and ultimately, higher SEO ranking, is ideally achieved when the writer shares from a point of view that attracts readers who like, comment and share because the content is engaging, entertaining, helpful and also  informative.

Think about blogs you read and why you read them. They keep you coming back because you like how the writer frames his message and you relate to that perspective.

Here are a few tips to get you going:

  • A blog post should have a story-line in addition to descriptions and experiences  that make the reader salivate to read more. A tough hill to climb, I know. But that’s the world of content writing in 2015! You’re up for it.
  • Titles and the first paragraph especially should include key words for search crawlers to pick up –what you’re trying to sell or get attention for,  etc.
  • Don’t make your title too long. Think about responsive design here and how a title will look on a handheld device. Too much wrapping is…well, too much.
  • Throw out your old English teachers’ rules on paragraph formation. Give the piece an airy  visual appearance, making it easy for a reader to scan first.
  • Short paragraphs, even one sentence paragraphs are best. Short sentences are good, too.
  • And 300-500 words in length is Google’s current preference. When in doubt, shorter is better.
  • Like your UVP for the business itself, you want your blog to have an edge, a hook, a ‘thing’,  that will make it stand out from the competition. That will take some experimentation.  But if you have the basics of good writing down, you have the tools. Now you just have to do it.
  • Start reading other great blogs and develop an angle of your own. It doesn’t have to be only describing your products. Give your blog a personal spin from your point of view, generation, mind’s eye or any one of a million ways to make it personal instead of mundane.

Good luck and good writing!