Winter finally arrived in Central New York last week.With no snow or typically cold weather until January 15th, I wondered if the Mayans got it wrong and the world was ending now. Weird weather patterns have a way of bringing out apocalyptic thinking.

Now that the cold, white stuff is here, anticipation of winter's arrival is over. Which is what got me thinking about anticipation in its many forms.

Most people around here were happy every day that winter didn't arrive. Theirs was a kind of fear-based anticipation,  knowing that the mild weather was bound to end but not knowing when. Nobody really wants 20 degrees and three feet of snow to come.


On the other hand, the winter-lovers among us were waiting with frustration as the season didn't change and didn't change and annoyingly didn't change!   Believe it or not, there really are lots of people who enjoy all four seasons equally.

As a business owner, anticipation means being ready for the next new thing, and for ever-present change. Companies with an attitude of anticipation don't get caught off guard. They may not be able to predict exactly what will happen, but they are ready for change when it does happen.

Anticipation is a hopeful expectation that makes it easier to adapt when change stares you down. Whether you are expectantly waiting with hope, or fearfully dreading the next thing down the pike, anticipating change is a skill to embrace and develop.

Anticipate, then adapt to the circumstances of the moment. How are you doing with a strategy of anticipation?