An Entrepreneur's Champion

Tracy Higginbotham, of Five Star Events and WomenTIES, is a champion of women entrepreneurs in the most personal way. She reaches out to individuals with opportunities and encouragement that speak volumes to her core philosophy of supporting women at all stages of business development. WomenTIES counts among its members million dollar performers and fledgling start ups. Mine was was one of those baby businesses just over 2 years ago. I was a scared, accidental entrepreneur with little more than a smile and good intentions when I met Tracy and plugged into WomenTIES. With Tracy's easy going style and friendly, no pressure way of including everyone, I found myself attending all the WomenTIES events I could get to. Before long, I was encouraging other women entrepreneurs who had that same deer-in-the-headlights look I once had to join.

Tracy is celebrating WomenTIES 5th anniversary this month, and in true Tracy-style, she is rolling out special events and offers to extend the benefits of joining WomenTIES to others. So, today I say ' Thanks' and 'Kudos' to Tracy and WomenTIES. If you haven't been to a WomenTIES event - now is a great time to join us. Let the party begin!