A website option

I've been wondering what to do about a website for my new business. Yes, I need one. But what do I need? After reading, asking and thinking about this question for several months, I decided to use a wordpress blog as my storefront. Why? Because it offers the presentation, options, and most importantly, flexibility I want to access and change my website with relative ease. Now, don't get me wrong. The process has not been painless, and I have needed the help of my trusty web developer Nick. Here's what I did - starting at wordpress.com I easily created a blog template and populated my website with content. Then, after reading a couple of my other favorite marketer type blogs, and viewing a really great site from a local graphic designer, giansantidesign.com, I learned about Thesis. Thesis is a premium (you pay for it) Wordpress theme that gives tons of flexibility to customize your blog/website. It's great. I paid my $87, downloaded it and I'm on my way to a good looking weblog that showcases my marketing business and gives me a platform to share what I learn as a social media wannabe. This wasn't as easy as wordpress.com. I definitely needed Nick's help to get this right. He took about an hour to make the switch to Wordpress.org, and we're still fiddling around to get the header right. But, for anyone wondering how a blog might help them get a relatively inexpensive website, and create a way to communicate regularly with their tribe, Wordpress is the way to go.