A Hand Up

Last week, I was reminded of the power of collaboration when I met Janet Lutz , of Calico Gals, at her brand new quilting/fabric/fun-for-all-store in the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse. Janet is the best kind of collaborator.  She gets it, running her business with customers and sales in mind, but ready to lend a hand to other entrepreneurs just 'because'. When I visited Janet on behalf of my client, Kristin Morrow of Quilt Traditions, I came away with much more than just new information about the quilting industry. I also had the pleasant confirmation that Janet is  genuinely interested in helping others grow their business. Janet knows Kristin's work, and knows that giving Kristin 'a hand'  is a good thing to do. Direclty or indirectly, that spirit of generosity and good will is likely to bring good things to her, directly or indirectly. The result doesn't matter.  In this case, it's the benevolent action that counts.

So, how about you?  Do you know someone who could use a hand up?  Reach out and touch someone ( to steal an iconic marketing phrase from the 1970's). Maybe you need that lifting hand.  Reach out to ask for help, information, connection. You'll be surprised and pleased at how willing most people are to help.  Referrals, encouragement, information.  It's all good and moves a small business owner along the path to growing stronger and more profitable in the long run.