The Main Thing

'...what will be left out of the equation is any serious talk about how you can use Facebook Places to grow your business'. This excerpt from a blog post is telling. The point isn't specific to FB or its new local placement platform.  The point is underlined.

Organizations and people who figure out how to help others grow their business using social media are truly the wave of the future. Current platforms, ingeniously created to distract and entertain us, are here to stay in some form or another. What small business owners need now are specific, industry based tools to help create the strategies and step by step activities to actually make money.  We're not there yet.

I met a woman in the financial planning sector the other day. She is worried the rule keepers of her highly regulated industry will cause her to miss the boat - i.e. sales - because of restrictions using social media. I told her not to worry.  There aren't that many people making that much money via social media yet. The restrictions are helping keep her focused on the 'main thing', the core of her business.  Getting out and meeting prospective clients, building old fashioned, face to face relationships that develop trust is the main thing.

We're going to get there. Some ahead of others, to be sure.  In the meantime, we've all got businesses to run. See you at the next blog post. Or maybe just the local coffee shop.

BloggingJanelle Fields