Find, Connect, Lead

This week, I’ve had no less than four conversations with clients and potential clients about the new rules of marketing. I'm happy to report the concept of building community versus marketing to the masses is catching on. Seth Godin, in this video (sidebar) rendition of his now classic, tribe-building, idea-spreading philosophy, talks about the death of the industrial complex and the desire we have, above all, to connect with others who share something we care about. Finding and leading those groups of people is the core of small business marketing today.

Find, connect and lead people and ideas. Doing that can change our world. And in the process grow your business.

So, how do you build business in 2011 and beyond?  Slowly.  Really? Person by person. Connecting one to another through a shared vision and story.  Seth says," ‘It’s not a mass thing – its about finding the true believers who want to connect with you."

But it bears repeating in a world obsessed with next, next, next.  Do what you do best. Leverage the tools in front of you – a website, a social platform that gives interchangeable  access to the groups and people in your life, a blog post talking about what really matters to you. When the tone or topic resonates, people will connect.

Changing the way we do business is no new thing. It’s always the new thing. Let's do it.