From There to Here…10 years IN THE LIFE OF A small business marketing agency

Lots of things change in 10 years. I know that in a very personal way, because I’m celebrating 10 years in business this year and to honor this achievement, I’m taking a look back at my little company-of-one in 2007 and then fast forward to 2017, where I’ll offer some thoughts about current day marketing perspectives. Follow along and you might just recognize some of your business marketing trail in the process. And if I do it right, you might get some insight into where and how to adjust, adapt or renew your efforts to make a difference for you.

Hyperlinks are Beautiful Things: How to add an (invisible) link to your Facebook page

Have you ever tried sharing an article and there’s a big ol’ link in the text? You know, that ridiculously long string of letters, numbers and slashes that take your reader to the article you want them to see. It kind of makes the post clunky and clutters your timeline, right? In this video, we’ll show you how to get rid of that ugly long link address so you can tell your story more seamlessly.

Janelle Fields
Horizontal video vs. Vertical Video?

It’s common knowledge within marketing circles that since its creation in the early 2000s Facebook is constantly changing. You might have noticed your timeline evolving over the years, and different “features” are often introduced. As marketers, we are always on the look out for what the “next thing” is so that we can better help our clients navigate the ever-changing Facebook landscape.

Kendra Anderson
Gaining Mind Share from Your Clients

When was the last time you ‘Googled’ something? Or grabbed a ‘Kleenex’ to blow your nose? Or put a ‘Bandaid’ on your cut finger or toe?

Each of those brands has established mind share in their respective categories -  search engines, tissues, and adhesive strips. Each product has developed a ‘stickiness’, or put another way, so much consumer awareness or popularity that the product is most often referred to as the brand and not the product.

The Importance of Feedback

Like many of you, we struggle to sit down and write our own blog posts.A relatively simple task, but one that seems overwhelming. What topic to choose?  What is the right focus? How does the blog post align with business,marketing, and life?

Thoughts on Yellowstone and Marketing

Returning home this week from a family vacation in Montana, I was impacted in a number of ways by my experience visiting Yellowstone National Park for the first time. The wide open spaces are, indeed, very wide. Especially in comparison to the heavily forested, rolling landscape of upstate New York where I live.

Kendra Anderson