Outsourced Marketing is Smart, Fast, & Affordable

JFields Marketing is a marketing communications company for the new media era.

We approach every client and every project with this goal: to help you communicate the right message at the right time to the people that matter most – your customers.

Our marketing services come from a solid in-house creative team, backed by the unlimited resources of a network of talented collaborators. Almost every project involves one or more of our business partners – graphic designers, web developers, videographers, photographers, PR professionals, and others who are passionate marketers, and great at what they do.


The Team

Janelle Fields | Linkedin | Email

Janelle Fields | Linkedin | Email

Web Developers | Videographers | Photographers

Web Developers | Videographers | Photographers

Kendra Anderson | Linkedin | Email

Kendra Anderson | Linkedin | Email


Tailored Marketing for the New Media Era

JFields Marketing works with clients to create and broadcast the core message of your business, to the right people, so you can sell more of what you're in business to sell.

As outsourced marketers, we manage the marketing in B2B, B2C and professional business capacities. When needed, we collaborate to create memorable brands, engaging websites, and relevant marketing pieces - all designed to get people to act, buy, connect. And we do this with efficiency and cost in mind.

How We Work

One time projects with a specific scope, timeline, goal, and price

Examples: Marketing Plan, Website Project, Logos & Branding Packages

ongoing, outsourced marketing resource

creating, aligning, and implementing company goals as a team

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