A Hand Up

Last week, I was reminded of the power of collaboration when I met Janet Lutz , of Calico Gals, at her brand new quilting/fabric/fun-for-all-store in the Eastwood neighborhood of Syracuse. Janet is the best kind of collaborator.  She gets it, running her business with customers and sales in mind, but ready to lend a hand . . . → Read More: A Hand Up

Universal Laws of Networking: A Review

Networking is a word full of hidden meaning – most of them negative.  A typical image of networking brings to mind a glad-handing sales type, stuffing business cards into the hands of …well, everyone.

To the contrary, networking when done well is the one of the best ways to grow small business. Ideally, every small . . . → Read More: It’s About You! The Universal Laws of Networking

The Trust Factor

Marketing in 2010 is a new and tricky business. The rules on how to market are changing at breakneck pace. We no longer push marketing messages out to the consuming public, hoping they will buy. Gone are the days of convincing people to plunk down their cash for our products and services. We have to . . . → Read More: The Trust Factor