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Tailored marketing for the new media era.
Websites, video, branding, email marketing, social media and more.


JFields Marketing creates and broadcasts the core messages of your business to the right people so you can sell more of what you're in business to sell.

As outsourced marketers, we manage the marketing in B2B, B2C and professional business capacities. When needed, we collaborate to create memorable brands, engaging websites, and relevant marketing pieces - all designed to get people to act, buy, connect. And we do this with efficiency and cost in mind.

We're kind of practical like that.


OUtsourced marketing is
smart, fast, & affordable

JFields Marketing is a marketing communications company for the new media era. We approach every client and every project with this goal: to help you communicate the right message at the right time to the people that matter most – your customers.

Our marketing services come from a solid in-house creative team, backed by the unlimited resources of a network of talented collaborators. Almost every project involves one or more of our business partners – graphic designers, web developers, videographers, photographers, PR professionals, and others who are passionate marketers, and great at what they do.



Kind Words


Douglaston Salmon Run has enjoyed a wonderful long term relationship with Janelle and JFields Marketing. Over six years Janelle has demonstrated the ability to grow with our business.
— Garrett Brancy, Manager Douglaston Salmon Run
“Jfields Marketing has been a huge boost to our Marketing initiatives and added a much needed level of expertise to our promotional strategy. Their understanding of marketing fundamentals as well as how to apply them to social media has been invaluable. Janelle’s team is an extension of DMD and makes us more viable because of it.
— James Sharples, Delta Marketing Dynamics
Jfields Marketing was instrumental in helping us identify how to convey our brand to our clients and the community. They are extremely creative.
— Rachel Roney, Partner Michael Roberts Associates, Inc.
A quick study, Janelle listens with ‘educated ears’ to grasp the challenge, affix a vision and craft strategies for achieving objectives. Personalized and professional. Someone you can trust with your business.
Janelle is awesome to work with great with deadlines and is fabulous at keeping me on track and on time!
— Chris Belna, A La Carte
Janelle and JFields Marketing will be an asset to any organization that retains their services.
— Dana Mandel, President Lifespan Therapies PLLC